I am a self-published author. I am a constant optimist. My faith and love for humanity knows no bound.

As a spiritual teacher I take a dream and turn it to reality. It is not that difficult; once you realize that in becoming real with life, life becomes real in you, the miracle takes place.

Rina teaches how to gain access to the realm of all possibilities ~ where doors open as you dare to explore your hidden treasures by changing your thoughts.

Why change?

  • Because, we are the children of change.
  • Nothing in life stays the same.
  • Life is always changing, always renewing itself.

I blog for the love of sharing and while I could journal at home, not making it public would not be sharing.

My topics are about live; how to have a better life.

Being a soul who is having a physical experience I love to write about the hidden beauty that our soul holds.

I want to connect with those who are searching for a higher purpose. Those who thirst for Truth.

To me life is simple, so simple that in our ignorance, we complicated it.

I try to convey a feeling that can be understood by everyone. And that feeling is love. We come from love; love is what we are. We breath it, we see it, we want it. Yet our actions are remotely removed from what we are.

If you want your life to have meaning and be aware of who you truly are, then this blog is for you.

Have a blessed day!

Published by Rina Gonzalez

Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Kabbalah Student

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