This blog is inspired after careful observation of our current state of affairs, at home, and abroad.

We say we love, and am sure that many of us believe we do. But the love that I am referring to in not a word that we have become accustomed to, but rather a feeling, an energy that runs through our entire body, which is seldom used correctly.

We, humanity is a combination of matter and spirit. We are both, body and soul. Is a matter of fact, we are souls having a physical experience who chose to come back to Planet Earth to get it right; again and again we’ve fail to understand a simple rule; “Love your neighbor as ourselves.”

When we do not love ourselves or think that we are unlovable, this is the prism through which you’ll view life. But if you love yourself, you value life and have the capacity to love all that has live, unconditionally.

Take a good look at yourself and honestly answer this questions. Are you lovable? Do you love yourself? Do you appreciate life?

If the answer to any of these question is no; would you willing to learn to bring love into your life?

Rina A González

Published by Rina Gonzalez

Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Kabbalah Student

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