Lord, give us clarity of mind, heart and soul.  Take us to see, that when we take the time to do think things through, when we do not rush through life, we are under Your Grace.

Lord, we want to be obedient to Your command, we desire to love all life on planet earth. Take us to feel the pain and suffering of our fellowman and help us see our connection in our hearts, and how this powerful energetic connection makes us ONE! 

Allow us to see Your Sweet Essence expand inside our hearts and how in kindness we share our blessings with others. Take us to see that when we speak ill of anyone or anything, no matter how insignificant the comment is, we have sinned against ourselves.  Take us to see that our vocal cords, and the spoken word, have power.  From this day forward we use the power of the spoken word to bless all that has life!

Lord, expand our minds so that we can create Heaven on Earth. Transform our life into the vision You hold of us.  Show us the blueprint of our spiritual DNA and give us the tools to correct the imperfections that we’ve created with our careless thought, words, and deeds.

Lord, remind us what our role in life is, and give us the strength of character and the spiritual fortitude to fulfill our destiny.  May each new day bring us the certainty that inside of us there are Godlike Qualities waiting to be revealed! 

May we use our blessings to bless all life on our beloved planet.  May we use our gifts to heal all imperfections.  May our desire to change takes us to be more compassionate towers those in need, until we become the love that heals.  May we reach the final redemption in this incarnation, and merit becoming a pure channel of “Light.”

Dear Lord, we stand in awe of Your Magnificence, for as we cleave to Your Light, and become a student of Your Wisdom, we can see Your Mercy, Compassion, Understanding, and Love present in all that has life. 

Thank you for your presence in our lives, for we see that in simplicity is that You can be found.  And that is when our inner, outer, and returning lights become the light bodies that sustain us. 

Thank You for our lives and for giving us Your Loving Embrace, AMEN and Amen!

Published by Rina Gonzalez

Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Kabbalah Student

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