Don’t waste your energy on things that lead to confusion.  As a co-creator of your life, you have the wisdom to bypass pain and suffering by connecting to the light.  In choosing the light you’ll gain a deeper understating of the wisdom of your soul, and your heart will be full of love, compassion, and appreciation.

Learn to relax by focusing on what you are doing.  Pray often; ask for the things that are in your heart so that your manifestations materialize with ease and in grace.  This process unites mind and heart manifesting in your life what is in accord with what is yours to receive.  Be grateful for what you have and bless the Creator every day. 

Do not stray from your heart.  Allow your heart to open by filling it with white light.  If a negative thought arises, illuminate it with white light till darkness disappears.  If you want peace, be the peace you wish to. If you want love, love others.  If you want health, abundance, prosperity, wealth, opulence, help others gain those things, and soon you’ll see that your life is full, and you are fulfilled.  Count your blessings every day and as you do, you’ll see that many of the things you want are already in your life.

YHVH,  means, “To Be Present.”  Allow the energy of love to guide you by observing your thoughts. Find the underlying energy that propels the thought and allow the wisdom of your soul to guide you to correct that which needs correcting.  When in chaos see yourself covered in white light; light is the way out of chaos.  Be like the Light.  Imitate the Light. Go towards the Light.  

How you live your life is a choice, and by now, you know that good and bad are energies that are attracted by the individual. Understand this well for no one outside of you has the power to make you do anything that you do not want to do. Don’t give your power away, for at any given moment you are either in darkness or in light. 

Every manifestation begins with a thought. Whether this thought happened a moment ago, a year ago, or a lifetime ago.  You are the creator of that thought, and by law of attraction it must go back to its point of origin, therefore it is up to the individual to choose wisely. 

Accumulated unconscious thoughts are the result of the chaotic manifestations that are devastating Planet Earth.  Collectively humanity is the cause of Mother Earth’s present condition.  This is your only home, reason that humanity should choose wiser thoughts.

Learn to work with colors and their opposites.  Close your eyes; with them close see what color comes up.  If you see red, change it to pink.  If you see black change it to white, if you see deep green, change it to light green.  Now go to your heart.  If you feel hate, change the energy to love, if you see lack, change it to abundance, if you feel sick, claim health.  By being aware of your feelings and mood swings at any given moment, you can change what you are presently experiencing to what will bring better results.  Change your thoughts and your life and health will improve.

When you are not happy with your life, when you are tired of getting the same things over and over again, when you run out of excuses for the condition your life is in; instead of getting mad, get to work on changing your thoughts.  Being tired of getting what you do not want is a clear indication that the time has come for you to start to make changes to your thoughts. The process of changing is not difficult; however, work is required.  Change starts by being present in your life, by observing your thoughts and detecting the underlying energy that propels them. Analyze the energy, understand its origin, and without judging change the source of the energy to its opposite.  

It is in changing the seed of the thought at its root level that your life will be all that you want it to be.  It is your choice whether you stay in a state of confusion or go beyond all limitations. It is in going beyond all limitations. {time, space, and motion} that you’ll find the freedom to express who you truly are; a soul having a physical experience.  You are an adventures soul who will not be denied freedom.  Allow yourself to go beyond that which confines you, and you will experience eternal, and everlasting peace.    

Want to know how long change will take?  I’ll give you a hint; observe your thoughts right now as you read this {listen to your internal dialogue}.  Are your thoughts about how hard, or how impossible this is?  Or are your thoughts saying, this is easy?  In both cases, you are right, for your state of mind will either take you to change or will stop you from even trying.  Both are choices, and both are yours to make. By-the-bye, who do you think said it was easy?

Understand these steps, follow them and observe your feelings and mood swings, as well as the internal dialogue.  Soon you’ll be able to detect the underlying energy of your thoughts instantly.  If it is positive, keep it, if it is negative, change it immediately.  Soon you’ll see that you are free from chaos, and most important, that your thought patters are working for you. 

There is a Universal Law, a cosmic agreement, that says:  when you move towards change the universe conspires with you by meeting you halfway making the rest of the process ease.  Change is not only prudent, in my estimation, it is the only way of out of the hell that ignoring the power of thoughts has created on all life-form on Planet Earth. You are here by choice.  Your life is not a dance rehearsal.  Start to exercise your free will NOW! 

Welcome to your new life and thank you for the willingness to take charge of your life.

Your destiny awaits you!

Published by Rina Gonzalez

Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Kabbalah Student

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