Of all the memories that I hold dear
There is one of you standing beside me,
Holding my hand as you lead the way
Through the ups and downs of a crazy day.

And I must admit you made it seem easy
By just living each day as a new beginning,
Finding my way and learning why
I’d come back to love with a human heart.

Even in those moments when I could not see
How things would turn out your smile reminded me
That it was all a dream from which I would wake
And find your wonderful smile looking at me.

My heart grows fonder as I realize that it hungers
Only to be by your side.
As I look and find the message within
That with tender care you gave me to keep.

“I planted the seed that will bring its fruits
So that peace and love are always with you.
And as you awaken from the sleeping state
Allow life to unfold under my embrace.
I’ve selected the lesson that you need to learn
That will clear your path of unconscious deeds.
These things you must do
If heavenly bound, you inspired too.”

You’ve shown me how to be pure of heart
By keeping my thoughts clear of any confusion.
And as I allowed my spirit to soar
New heights were revealed for me to explore.

As I look in splendor to all that I am
There is a trail of gratitude pressing behind,
From the moment of birth to the here and now,
You’ve been there, beside me, holding my hand.

Maybe only dreamers can understand
The power of faith dressed in sunlight
When at the age of 8, gave you my word
To love life itself, with all that I am.

As I sat and talked to you long ago
I knew you would guide me along the way.
And today, as I look back can see
Your tender embraces alive within me.

You’ve loved me, listened and cared;
You knew I would do the things that I’d said I would do.
And just to make sure that my dreams came true
You gave me Angels to watch over me.

Tell me, the day I leave my earthly confines
Will, I keep the wisdom and what I have learned,
Or when I awake from the sleeping state,
Will, I remember that I lived in chaos,
When my soul is free and my mind sublime?

With your loving eyes looking at me it would be difficult
To remember not that you were there from the get-go,
Through the ups and downs of a crazy day
That through love was transformed into Simple Grace.

There is comfort in knowing that you lead the way,
My job was made easy, it was to obey.
The command kept saying,
“Do what’s in your nature.”

And to my amazement,
I found that my nature is to love all things.
I come from your essence that is clear to see.
And since You are my source, Your Nature, is in me.

To the Universal Force that lives in me and in all that I am,
With love and gratitude!

All Rights Reserved
Rina A. González

Published by Rina Gonzalez

Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Kabbalah Student

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